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1 on 1: They did what they could but I had my mind made up to move on – Kobla Jnr

We bring our readers up to speed with the details on why the now autonomous Kobla Jnr parted ways with Black Avenue Music recently after 3 years of working under the label.

  • What defines the brand of Kobla Jnr?

His smooth, soothing but powerful vocals, his ability to draw inspiration from the Western and African musical influences, his looks which appeals to both genders of the young and old and the fact that he’s For the Gyal Dem lol.

  • 2. How would you describe your relationship with D-Black?

My relationship with D-Black is really good. He’s like a big brother to me even though the age difference isn’t that much but I say Big Bro cause of his experience In the Music industry & also with the advice and support he’s given & showed me.

  • How long have you known him unofficially?

Unofficially I’ve known him since he stepped in the scene in 2008. He worked with my brother and so I saw him sometimes but we weren’t that close like how I was with Kweku T, his music partner at the time.

  • How long have you been signed unto his label?

Since 2017

  • Did he introduce you into the industry?

I can say yes he played a major part in introducing me into the industry

  • Has the Black Avenue Music label been able meet your expectations as an artiste?

I guess they did what they could

  • What led to your departure from the label?

Time to move on. Life’s about growth. I just felt like it was time

  • Is there any hope of returning to the label?

To work with them again one way or the other, yes definitely, but not to sign another contract

  • Is yours a case of neglect, limited resources, mismanagement, extortion or is your brand bigger than the Black Avenue Music label?

There are a couple of elements. Like I said they did what they could. But I have faith in my brand and talent and I feel like it’s best I move out on my own so I can fully rely on God & myself to get me to where I want to be.

  • Was there a quarrel or misunderstanding?

No. Nothing like that. I spoke to him and we had a little tete la tete on it. But I had my mind made up

  • Are you coming out with your own label or you are open to other record labels or you want to go solo for now?

I’m doing my own thing for now. My fans need me to drop material and work on getting it everywhere so that’s what I’m going to do. So what I’m in need of now is an investor incase Ghanamusic.com is planning on investing in Kobla Jnr lol

  • What’s next for Kobla Jnr?

This year I’ll be dropping singles. Then next year we’ll get an EP and Album from me but for now I have a new Single coming out in June. This one has Pappy Kojo on in so I can boldly say my fans and music lovers are in for something awesome from Kobla Jnr.

  • Will this affect the relationship you have with the owners, workers and artistes signed unto the label?

Not at all. I’m very cool with everyone affiliated to the label. No hard feelings at all. We love what we do. No hatred. It’s all love

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