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Before any comment passed, YES! Miss Malaika 2017 has ended but that isn’t why I’m here.


To start off I think today have been good so far but “hmmm” something just had to cross the bar. What in the name of “Fashion” is that, Ebony really oh no no no!

You didn’t just wear that darling, I know you young and all but to wear that ‘OMG’ you literally made me shed a tear. What were you thinking and who advised you?

Let’s put your sexual appeal aside and let’s get serious people. I might be dreaming but I’m definitely not hallucinating or is it because you think you are the “I don’t care type” so you wear anything you want?

Well honey have got news for you, it’s bad, poor and hideous so change.

I didn’t seem to get the picture correctly but was it like she was going to a costume party dressed like Princess Jasmine searching for her Aladdin! To make it even worst, a crown and a dark shades.

Time out beautiful, snap out of it we are not in the ancient times (B.C.), we in the era of technology where everything and I mean EVERYTHING have advanced.


Seriously and effectively you need a stylist, I’m available if you care to know but most importantly take this advice and your life will never be the same again, trust me!

But mind you, no hating just undying love from me to you. (***kisses***)

With all that said I need to commend you on your heels, you really rocked it. Keep it up!

Cheers sweety.

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