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Fab or Unclad???

I’m back!!!

And so is the “Gingham Diva” and Afro-pop songstress Efya. With an amazing performance out-door at Bola Ray’s biography launch last night, the songstress just didn’t marvel on stage but also in ‘gingham style’.

Everything combined from pixie hairstyle, to sexy dress, accessories and finally down to her gladiator sandal heels was the true definition of a songstress diva.

But then again, back to the question? What was  she trying to achieve by exposing part of her breast and covering the other parts? Seriously I think it has gotten to the point where we should embrace our culture as it is by covering ourselves as our tradition teaches us and stop copying blindly.

These unclad styles our so-called celebrities are displaying at events is sometimes appalling and must be stopped, if you think cleavage exposing is what will make you then going naked is a better option.

Its a free country where everyone does what he/she likes but at the end of the day, ask yourself what legacy did you leave behind. Once again that’s my opinion which I am entitled to. With no hard feelings, you still one of my favorites divas.

Love “dem” cowries accessories girl, you rock!!!(**wink**).

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