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Stonebwoy looked dapper in ‘tux’ on wedding day

Exactly a week-today, marks a blissful marriage of  Ghana’s  dance-hall artist, Livingstone Etse Satekla aka Stonebwoy (Stone god). Well as all will recall two days before his well-celebrated alliance to the dentist-doctor Louisa Kwakye, he landed himself a promising deal with Zylophon media.

Now more interestingly, what comes to mind when I decide on an outfit for a groom?

Basically, it’s 3 things;

1) The fashion sense

2) Complexion

3) The height very important. All these combine to make the perfect groom

With very “little to text”, Stonebwoy really stood out, from his head, to his face, down to his well-tailored black/white tuxedo and pants matching with those lovable men shoes.

Stonebwoy truly deserves an applause for looking dapper and suave in his Ghanaian made tuxedo. So CONGRATULATIONS to the newly wed dance-hall artist, Livingstone Etse Satekla. Welcome to the “Table of Men”.

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