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Sense of unclad style

Well, kudos to the sensational afrocentric songstress Rebecca Acheampong aka Becca for earning herself a  3 year milky deal with Zylofon Media and also on her 10th anniversary in the music business. Not easy being a female in the mist of big guys but she proved to herself and to everyone that she is capable. She has ‘single handedly” achieved something in this industry, trust me. So congratulations baby girl but hey lets cut to the chase.

What was she wearing?

I will gladly admit that her red high-waist pants is totally fab, makeup (thumps), hair on-point and all.

If not anything at all, I know deal signing / contract agreement is something normally done formally but here’s the case I’m totally lost. For God’s sake is it a deal signing or a “BOOTY CALL” you going to.

We know, OK if no one does, I know you have an incredible body but that it doesn’t mean you have to display it to the whole world to see.

Nowadays I don’t understand some of our “so-called” celebrities and their sense of style….OMGosh, the least said the better. If not for anything the young ones are looking up to y’all so the next time celebs decide on an outfit, better think twice and make absolutely sure to look in the mirror before departing.

Science has indeed proven that everyone copy’s but that doesn’t also mean it must be done wrongly.

Once again that’s my opinion which I am entitled to…no hard feelings tho, you still ma favourite female artiste.



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