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Could Nigeria’s #1 song now- Joeboy’s Alcohol, be a discreetly sampled version of Naa Agyemang’s ‘Araba’ Hit single!

Judge for yourselves!

Ghanamusic.com has chanced on traces of resemblance between Joeboy’s ‘Alcohol’ song & Ace Ghanaian highlife act, Nana Agyemang’s ‘Araba’ hit single.

Hey, we might just be overthinking or exaggerating here but it’s worth the shot! The striking melodic duplication is heightened at the chorus of the Highlife hit.

Nana Agyemang’s ‘Aunty Araba bro eh Araba’ hook interestingly synchronizes well with JoeBoy’s ‘Ebelebe oo’ hook somewhere in his song.

Ghanaian audiences that might have streamed and hyped Joeboy’s Alcohol song to be the number one song in Nigeria presently, a renowned tune across the globe and a social media viral song, might have been unknowingly tricked into liking it.

The psychological nostalgia generated by the infusion of very familiar melodic sounds might have easily triggered love for the not so entirely new song as it had an easy pass into the retentive memory and hearts of Ghanaian music lovers who might have had certain emotional connections to the Araba song.

Could this be the reason why Nigerian songs and artistes are overtaking the Ghanaian music space and winning the hearts of Ghanaians over their own artistes?

How many other precious Ghanaian legendary hits have these guys smartly sampled in an almost unidentifiable way to be used against us?

Or as we said earlier, we could just be exaggerating and hallucinating musically! No big deal here.

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