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Full breakdown of the ShattaSark beef: Technically, MzGee is to blame!!!

It’s all over social media and in the number one trends on twitter today. The much-expected Sarkodie – Shatta Wale beef.

We have all been awaiting a paralysing response from Sarkodie after Shatta’s Little Tip Diss track to him earlier in March this year.

Sarkodie gave us all hints of a bigger boy mentality when he tweeted about his beefs being costly and sent off a vibe that instructed SarkNation to ignore Shatta and his Diss song.

However, it wasn’t too long when one of Hiplife’s former reigning rap sensations, Asem, threw a beef challenge at Sarkodie – something that he had repeatedly done over the years.

His recent freestyle Diss to Sarkodie might have ignited the beast in “Kabutey” for him to spew an unending row of punchlines in his latest “Sub Zero” release currently trending at number one on YouTube.

Asem is yet to recover and reply from such display of artistic ballistics.

Now, it might seem that the guilty conscience of Shatta Movement aroused an entire uncalled for beefing with Sarknation after Sub Zero touchedown in the ears of Ghanaians and the world at large.

A careful listen to the diss track strikes a major connection with Asem and other rappers who might have beefed Sarkodie in previous years and had little to no correlation with Shatta Wale, his Shatta Movement or his Little Tip Diss track to Sarkodie.

Infact, according to CJ Biggerman, a renowned rapper in the industry, Asem threw Subliminals to Sark, hence, Sark’s reply – Sub Zero.

The tweet read, “Let me explain why Sark chose this title . As asem drop the freestyle video he Throw Subliminals to Sark and the short hand of Subliminal be “Sub” so sark dey try tell am say in Subliminal no touch am hence #Subzero.

So the fact is established that Sub Zero was never targeted at Shatta Wale, maybe oofeets) was, but definitely not Sub Zero.

It is this misunderstanding and miscommunication that informed MzGee’s question to Shatta Wale earlier on today during a Skype interview with him on TV3’s New Day morning show.


The question posed to an unsuspecting Shatta who claimed not to even have heard the song triggered his egoistic self to smartly swerve the confrontation by painting Sarkodie as a very insensitive, self-centered and unwise person to be beefing him in such a time where people are dying of the coronavirus pandemic.

That was a smart one, Shatta Wale, a smart one.

This, however, threw a very cautious and ignoring Sarkodie off guard so much as to trigger a harsh reply via a tweet that read, “Berma gyae gyimie no … you feel say I get time to throw shot at you by this time… emotional singers”.

It is at this point I could officially declare a heated beef between two heavyweights in the industry.

Oh! And maybe, just maybe, we could be having a Reggie Rockstone – Sarkodie tag team championship against the one man army, Shatta Wale and his SM Militants cos he just rubbished the relevance of rap music in Ghana.

Until further notice, quarantine and chill but don’t forget to officially credit MzGee for causing confusion (in Kuami Eugene’s voice) and adding petrol to fire!!!

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