Wendy Shay Down, Who’s next MzGee?

When your matters arise everyone has an opinion as to what is the best for you.

Recently Wendy Shay has been in the news for the wrong reasons, simply because she failed to give a response to a ‘dumb’ question. Everyone’s in the social community took sides, there were those against her conduct and there were others that thought her conduct was excusable. The life she signed up for when she took the path to be in the limelight by doing music.

Fame has a way of dealing with people, it’s either you control it or it controls you. But have we really asked the most important question? How is MzGee the interviewer and how is Wendy Shay fairing?

Why did MzGee and her team think it was best to release a video that shows the flaws of a sister? Entertainment pundits put Wendy on their chopping board and everyone tore her up because everyone thinks she was arrogant and feels too big and was naive. Others thought it was the right question to tell the world ‘Who she is’.

But who is Wendy, from my observation she is a musician trying to entertain her fans and also tell her story through her songs to the world. But everyone has an opinion of you are though (lol).

Musicians had opinion of their own about her, some apologised for ‘naiveness’, other thought it was best for her to apologise cuz she goofed okay and others too thought she was too arrogant.

Now my question is, how is Miss Gee feeling right after the revenge, after serving Wendy Shay a cold dish? Wendy Shay released a song Psalm 35 featuring Kuami Eugene and Sarkodie telling the story of how everyone is up against them. Could she be right after what MzGee did?

Why is everyone focused on the flaws of others rather themselves? Is MzGee trying to say she is perfect and has no flaws and hasn’t thought of something being ‘dumb’. What was she aiming at dragging Wendy’s name through the mud? Everyone talks about or wants respect yet fails to give it.

MzGee felt disrespected, how did Wendy Shay feel when asked about her private life? What clarity is MzGee looking for? Since all MzGee (Self Righteous person) wanted was to drag Wendy Shay (Sinner) to the Pundits (Jesus) for the permission to get her stoned to death. Now, Wendy is down, who is next?

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Korku Dey

A photographer who loves to write about music.

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