M.anifest gets schooled by R2Bees

Competition! Who is the best? Everyone wants to be the best. Everyone wants to be a winner. Nobody wants to lose.

But who is a winner and a who is the best? What are the criteria to be the best? To me, I think to be the best is to defy all odds and obstacles and win your race.

Everyone was created with uniqueness, yet we have been trying to be one thing we can be many things. Where is the beauty if we all grew to be rose flowers?

In the musical sphere, everyone tries to outweigh the other and be known as the ‘best’. Everyone has crooned proclamations, I’m the King of that, I am the god of that. How has that improved creativity and how has it birthed greatness?

A few carved their own paths and have been defied every odd to be but have lost touch of how ‘you-nique’ they are because of what they thought as competition, thinking the next person is there trying to take their crown of greatness.

We tend to forget that we are our competition. Why must it be the next man? How can we all be the rose, when we can be sunflowers and others? Who is a creative person? In my opinion, it’s someone who inspires people positively with their stories and comes up with beautiful solutions as to how problems must be solved.

Music they say is therapeutic and it’s an avenue for which musicians tell their stories. Everyone has a way to tell their story to make it resonate with everyone that listens. But it seems everyone wants to tell someone else’s story and want to show them how it must be told.

But should why should people’s individual stories be adjudged? Who tells which one is best and which isn’t? What happened to ‘you-niqueness’ and ‘be you’?

Would you call artistes like Jay Z, Tupac, Osibisa, Fela Kuti and painters like Leonardo DaVinci, Picasso, Basquiat, great or call them the best?

Art is a form of true expression of how you feel, but what are we expressing if everything, we say is a facade.

Just like R2Bees’ reply to M.anifest, “It’s Never about the best, Every creative is unique”.


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Korku Dey

A photographer who loves to write about music.

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