Wise men learn from mistakes of others

So as a media person I tend to research a lot, try to fish out information from anything worthy to be news. Due to that I have learnt a lit from people’s past and seem to apply what I find valuable to certain areas of my life.

Errrrmm so this nosiness of mine gets me to read and watch a lot of stuffs I deemed to be very informative, recently this brought to me to an interview of reggae/dancehall sensation Samini who was on a radio station show promoting his yet to be released reggae album, tend to advising the upcoming one and younger ones not to walk the same path he threaded since they come with lots of consequences that they live to regret it when asked for his final words to the youth that look up to him.

Well, I think its a matured thing to do as a person that people see as a role model, and I applaud him for that, because some people that has walked the paths we the younger generations are yet to take look to be very selfish by not giving out the vital counsel about the dangers and mistakes they have made that will make us fail when we do but rather tell us failures are a part of life and that mistakes are bound to happen what’s the essence of making the mistakes they have made earlier. Anyway let me for go that part because they aren’t the reason for these article.

As I have stated earlier I am happy that, Samini had regret some taken some decisions that didn’t favour him in life when he was introduced to fame and as a celebrity, he didn’t really think of the blacklash he was going get but rather thought of the waywardness of today’s generation of making same mistakes likes of them made and boldly told us of his flaws so we might learn something from.

Hmmm, now my problem is whether or not the advice will be heeded. I will be very glad if we can take something out of what he has said and live by it because it will help grow the industry since we wouldn’t step on the same landmines but rather know where they are, so as to enable us take calculated steps. Let’s take advantage of those that had got the chance to thread those paths that we’ll want to take us as well.

Let’s take this instance, Tupac came out made statements about the horrors of going to jail, saying society misguided them, telling them going to jail makes you a fairly head man, which made every young black kid that wants to earn respect tries to do something violent to get them to jail which he came out to debunk after witnessing first hand the pain and suffering in jail. With that aside he spoke about the dangers of gun violence in the black communities after been shot 5times by his best friend which he miraculously survived, now the people in the States eulogize him as a prophet because he spoke truths and that they didn’t heed to, which had they known would have done something about. Tupac wasn’t the only one but his is enough to get my story across.
Let’s not take Samini’s words of caution as lame, and do as always and termed him as an attention seeker.

I leave with this question, for you to ruminate on; Whose experiences do you want to learn from yours or theirs (predecessor)? Since experience is the best teacher…

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Korku Dey

A photographer who loves to write about music.

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