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Award shows are not musical concerts

Awards shows can be done without the presence of an audience and indeed can be done virtually that’s why we saw BET & 3Music Awards.

Awards schemes award Musicians who have worked hard within a specific calendar year

Awards schemes are NOT reality shows so you don’t need an audience to vote at the event in fact voting is done via texting and winners are know before event day.

You don’t deny Musicians under that Calendar Year because of gate proceeds and sponsorships.

A well planned Virtual Show can still generate pay per view and few Sponsors to take care of some expenses.

When things Change you should be ready to Change and yes we are not in normal times so Stop thinking and Acting like we are in normal times.

BigUps to Organizers who have stayed true to the industry in these difficult times and we know others will do same to keep the industry active.

Covid is going nowhere so let’s learn to live with it and stop using it as an excuse.

Politicians are working hard to ensure we vote because without it we might run into constitutional crisis.

Agricultural sector is working hard least we go hungry as a country.

Universities are planning a Virtual Graduation Ceremony this year if things don’t Change and it’s because they have a #CalendarYear Schedule to meet.

Health sector is working hard even in the rise of infected workers in their sector due to their work hazards.

In Fact all other Sectors are working and so Music and Movies i.e. Creative Arts must also work.

Let’s continue to stay Consistent in these hard Times for the sake of the industry that we’ve all benefited from in the past and government who is also a beneficiary must also play its role to ensure we survive the struggle.

Let’s learn to put the INDUSTRY FIRST.

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