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SM Fan Vrs Praye Tietia – Shadrack Amonoo Crabe

Are you sure that Wizkid can call Dbanj a brokeman? Are you sure Davido can call 2Face a poor man? Are you really sure that Burna Boy can tag Don Jazzy as a poor veteran?

The answer is simply NO!


Because those veterans are not poor, They’re rich gurus in their industry! They made a lot of money during their Era and they’re still earning more from the Industry!

In fact, some of them are richer than the new generation, because the industry is treating them so well.

Their system is so well structured that the moment you hit the mainstream, you start making a lot of millions!

Check their new acts, Rema, JoeBoy, Naira Marley & co, they’re less than 2yrs old career, but they’re richer than most of our A-List artists in Ghana,

You can argue over it, but that’s the sad truth! Their industry cares about their welfare, it’s taking very good care of them.

They’re earning from their sweat but come to Ghana where some of our veterans are “selling bread and waakye”.

No disrespect to anyone’s occupation, but it hurts seeing our top legends on such scale after all the waves they made in the past years.

I was really devastated when I saw Okomfo Kwadee’s mother pleading with Ghanaians to come to her son’s aid.

Upon all the hits and shows??

Okomfo Kwadee should be resting in one of his mansions by now, or flying outside the country for treatment because he really worked hard for this industry and he deserves to enjoy it.

But here is the case he has been abandoned by the industry.

The Nigeria entertainment industry is far richer, better, and well structured than the Ghanaian industry!

So it’s even a big deviate to bring up Nigeria Industry when we’re discussing the well-being of Ghana Musicians.

Look, whatever Shatta Wale spat on UTV about Ghanaian artists being broke was the naked truth!

Whoever is trying to Challenge this even knows within him that, this is the truth but one thing about Ghanaians is they hate it when you say the truth publicly with no excuse.

They want you to whisper it into their ears one by one, without making noise with It.

Shatta Wale is done fighting for you cowards, he is now thinking about the next generation, he doesn’t want them to suffer under the same condition.

Ghana music industry is poor, this is the truth, accept it and charge on your leaders for a positive change or shut up and continue to suffer in silence.

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