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The Future: The next big shots of GH. Music

The impasse between high-flying Nigerian artist, Mr. Eazi and the entire Nigeria, over comments he passed about Nigerian artists getting influenced by the Ghanaian sound – has brought some critical matters to the fore.

In the heat of the rhubarb, many Nigerians have exhibited their disdain for Ghanaian music and its purveyors, openly showing so much disregard to our industry and the major players we adore.

Interestingly, while Ghanaians, from the event organizer to the DJ/Presenter to the patron – drool over Nigerian songs and their artists, they, the Nigerians have depicted continuously that, they don’t give a hoot about us!

Candidly, we have contributed in making their Davidos, Wizkids, Teknos and Yemi Alades mega stars in Ghana, at the detriment and growth of our own artists, who by far, are arguably more talented than these Nigerians.

Here, I present some incredibly young, budding and overly talented Ghanaian artists who are hustling their way through to the top and need the maximum support of Ghanaians. If we grant them a quarter of the succor we give these Nigerians, we can create our own super stars.

King Promise
King Promise shook us with his voice on the Vision DJ hit song, ‘Double Trouble’, a track on which he excelled, not intimidated by the Sarkodie feature. To show that his delivery was no fluke, he unleashed his hit single, ‘Oh Yeah’ – which is a testament that, King Promise is indeed, the future!

Clearly, he had ‘something’ to win the Season 4 of the popular reality show, MTN Hitmaker, and that thing, under the tutelage of famed producer, Richie and his Lynx squadron – has been parlayed into hit songs such as ‘Say You Love Me’, ‘Awurama’ and the current banging single, ‘Odo’.
Kuami Eugene

Another Lynx recording artist and alumnus of the MTN Hitmaker reality show, Eugene, is becoming too ‘hot’ to handle. Songwriting ability, splendid stagecraft, banging hits and a plethora of high profile features – are making him the go-to guy in these very early stages of his career. Class, quality and finesse indisputably characterize his new single, ‘Angela’.

Kurl Songx
This guy’s voice is grand and with the guidance of industry stalwarts, Kaywa and Franklin Agyekum, he already has two hit songs in the bag, with more coming. The Sarkodie-assisted ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ and ‘Whistle’ are manifestation of what a gem we have in our hands. The MTN Hitmaker Season 5 winner has drawn comparison to award-winning singer, Castro, in terms of looks, and he is on his way to greater achievements.

Deon Boakye
Deon has not only got the voice, he has the looks too – two essential elements to propel any product in music, but unfortunately, regardless of all the good songs released, he’s arguably the most-slept-on talented young artist in the industry. He is out with a new single, ‘You Do All’

Forget the fact that, this sultry songstress has virtually been on every music reality show in Ghana and West Africa. eShun has grown and commands such impressive vocal ability, and as a critical add-on to her artistry, she has quality stagecraft and her prowess with live band performances is quite remarkable.

Luigi Maclean
Can anything good come from Nazareth? Surely, there are plenty from Nazareth and Luigi Maclean is one of them. This young chap’s introduction by Joe Mettle on the single, ‘Bo N)) Ni’ was divine. That stellar performance got all of us searching on Luigi and ‘Christ me’, this guy is a blessing. He is, without a shred of doubt, the future of Ghanaian contemporary gospel.

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