Lyrics: CEO Flow by Sarkodie feat. E-40

Certified Bangers


[Verse1 : Sarkodie]

You know I’m running out of patience
Still aa no meetwɛn the nigga who go make I panic
Cos it feels like a vacation
Ma mensendi mo location
Sɛ mo mmin me fie, you don’t need and invitation
We having a conversation
Sɛ ɛba no fanbase you ain’t fucking with the nation
That be why you niggas all be hating
I’m on a paper chasing
The first nigga to do it
I’m so swift I dodged all the bullets
Bese no yɛ den a we use force to chew it
This no be luck, from day one knew it
The return of the Godfather, the boss rapper
Yɛ hu me a they all scatter
Me wu a you all suffer
Cos me na mekyerɛ mo how your delivery go fall proper
You are now rocking with the realest maafaka
I been rapping for a minute
So I’m used to all the sabotage
Man that shit is camouflage
Decade in the game I made a lot of cash
But I need more cos you no be blow money fast
Niggas wanna tap into the blessing
Time is gonna reveal all the truth I ain’t stressing
I’m the best to ever do it
This is not even a question
They don’t wanna see me great
And that be the impression a dey get from all these soft ass rappers
You dealing with some top-class shatta
Amateur boys, that be why your punchline suffers
Ma omo aso nte sɛ om yɛ me top five wackers
I’m the realest in the game and cap
Sɛ me wu na me ko ba a I be te same old cat
Eh be you niggas dey push the game go back
Yɛse rap is for the kids but it ain’t no fact cause
Even when I grow be when I made more stacks
How many rappers dey perform wey they take more cash
Wo de keepi key mo we go break door lock
From Kumasi VIP we dey take tour bus
They want me to chill like they got me on ice
Ose BET nti me cheati cos I carry all night
Sɛ m’anwimi award a then I prolly don’t like
Cos lemme be honest my nigga we alright
A hundred thousand on a video clip
Only because i be on my CEO shit
No discount, nigga gotta feed the whole clique
Sɛ moha m’adwen a then i take a road trip
I’m on my hustle like a stripper on a pole
Wo pɛ wo girl no a gotta keep her on the low
I’m a legend hommie if you wanna know
At this level i’m only rapping to keep you on your toe
You only got a crib cause your ass got signed
I be self-made everything is all mine
A nigga stay broke when a nigaa don’t grind
Wony3 real nti mɛmfrɛ me nigga keep it online
Wo nya ndruu me level nigga take a chill pill, cut the bullshit
Y’all already know the real deal
Sekan, ano awu korraa eh go still kill
Mo bars water pistol wobɛti pew pew
Sɛ mo bars lose form a, I be the only weight gainer
Punchline 55 feet container
I guess you gotta diss cos you need a sustainer
Man I got this shit together like a fucking waist trainer
Menni time and I gotta keep focused
I’m a beast only real niggas notice
Charle the fans still dey fuck with the nigga
Over seventeen years lifetime hypnosis
Huh, what else

[Verse 2: E-40]

Tribulations are trials
And trials are tribulations
Rumbles will build in the day so have patience
Underprivileged I went through financial hardships
Then I started catching praise like I catch a snake
All A’s when I get a report card
The first one to tellyou go home or go hard
Never in the sucker shit
Always been a fixer and a factor and a boss
Never cross game, double cross
Never lose momentum, get off
Protect yourself at all cost
These suckers is jealous [?]And make you throw it all away in one day that’s why I pray
Born and raised in the [?] gotta pack a [?]Gotta be alert and aware to [?]If the situation real was having as me as getting at it
Flippin’ the [?] like acrobatics
Money over bitches, money over bitches
Never tell them bitches any of your business
Every day is Christmas, everyday is Christmas
Put it in a shopping cart, fuck a wishlist
I do whatever I want, -ever I want
I ain’t a punk, I ain’t a punk
Put a eighth in a blunt, eighth in a blunt
I stay drunk, I stay drunk
Life to the fullest, livin’ life to the fullest
The homie touched down just pulled ten bullets
If you ever met him you would say that he the coolest
If you ever play him you gone cough up hella mucus
Twenty inch arm, put hands on a hater
When he came home he was hittin’ on some papers
[?] inform, never been a traitor
It’s the new norm, Imma shoot you, fuck a taser

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