Lyrics: Brown Paper Bag by Sarkodie feat. M.anifest

[Verse 1: Sarkodie]

In the beginning na me ne wo mienu were ’stuck on the slave ship
But seseiaa de3 we are free we on some ape shit
But y3nny3 free totally we still in a matrix
Slavery y3 stages seseiaa no ye du stage six
3nny3 physical systematical mind games
Me tenase dwen ho koraa yaa na tae ma me migraine
Freedom is expensive mon check price range
Pure black children but we bearing some white names
Self hate
Y3 brothers and sisters adane cell mates
I think it’s time that we open the hell gates
We gotto push to be free before it’s hell late
We can see between the lines but we still can’t read
We still in chains but the eyes can’t see
We do have a choice but still ain’t free
Obi nso me mu I cant breathe
I just wanna be free
Free is when you decide for yourself
Free is when nobody controlling your wealth
Free is when you stop begging people for help
Free is finally when you breaking out from a spell
We in the 21th century
They can’t be using guns no more they playing games with the mind
Akwasi broni no claim democracy so we feel say we de see everything but we are blind
The destruction of a man begins in the home
So when they break up the home they can take over the thrown
Sesiaa no tuo nda wo so so y3 se b3 gye loan
When you owe remember you cannot be on your own
You gotto teach a man how to fish
So they can survive a lifetime
But 3no no 3nny3 abrofofo no wish
3ba no saa they gonna have a hard time
The United States of Africa
Is what they don’t wanna see
But it’s the only way my people can survive
They divide and conquer
With just a brown paper bag
Omo de cash na b3to y3 pride
So now we go cherish the money and not the money machine
They say they wanna invest but omo akoma mu nny3 clean
Nkate3 mpo omo ntumi ndua but they b claiming supreme
This the return of Martin Luther king we still have a dream
The voodoo magic
Is nothing evil
Akwasi broni use claim s3 3y3 logic
3ba no knowledge aa ebibifo pii we lack it
Ye twa y3n ntro findi evidence to back it
Y3nny3 nkolaa nti no stop it
Omo y3 electronics fi amanone b3 ton claim technology fuck it
They just be stacking they pockets
But it’s not physical powers
They using supernatural energy for profits
How the fuck
Were you able to talk to a phone
How the fuck
Are you able to fly and control a drone
How the fuck
Na nipa koraa yetumi y3 clone
Keep it a 100 me nua you not on your own
It’s time for my people to wake up
My mind is made up
Wei ma na fr3 no you looking out for your neighbour
Mr preacher pls can you do me a favor
Eyaa men use microphone since the devil is a hater
Martin Luther King flow
We trying to develop but the progress has been slow
They locked the doors now we sneaking outta window
They don’t want us to gain access to the info
The enemy keep on suppressing
We need some answers
We trying to figure out some questions
A rich continent but we facing depression
They strip as naked and try to take our possessions
And now we facing recession

[Verse 2: M.anifest]

(Yɛ dwen sɛ)
We be original don dada
But everything that we do has been done dada
Oil, gold, cocoa, minerals proper
In the land of so much how is there hunger (How?)
To fix this mess that be the hangup
Like a label in Tema build it from groundup
Fist up, middle finger to all the kick backs
Leaders just want chop dem for sit back
Skin black, but is your mind too?
Efie ne fie must i remind you?
All the blood and toil that is behind you
How did we get here? Let me share
February 24th in ‘66
Nkrumah was overthrown by these pricks and dicks
It makes me sick we’ve been brainwashed and shit
All sorts of imports even the toothpicks
Money come money go, we don’t make kotow
So when we spend to the west our money dey go
We pray for rapture
Instead of focusing on manufacture
Religion is a prison and we dying to be living
And we losing our minds as we thinking of winning
And we bound to the chains of foreign exchange
It’s a damn shame
ɛtodabia ɛyɛ ɛtodabia ɛnyɛ
Bibifoɔ diɛ adufudiɛ na yɛ pɛ
Aboa bi aka me ebia kakapɛ
Since yall like beef let me tell you who we’re beefing
(Mek I mek my beef list)
We beefing with Trump and his likes
We beefing with vanity, doing it for likes
Beefing with indiscipline for posterity
Beefing with leaders no integrity
Beefing with plastic, ban it be drastic
Afi wie diɛ pae mu ka, that’s a classic
We for realize debi debi diɛ we past it
Self-actualize don’t be thinking jurassic
Malcolm X when i express
By any means yes
Many mountains to climb i guess
So how can we ever rest?
I must say if Ghana should be beyond aid
Then solutions no fit be band aid
I don’t care if the west is against us
Forget dem, focus and fix us
Nkabom that’s the people power
The struggle is sweet mixed with sour
Greatness is us, hashtag
Don’t sell out for a brown paper bag uh

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