Fearless and tough, Boorle Minick

Boorle is such a catchy name you might probably be mobbed should you be seen responding to that name. Get to this side of town and Boorle means muscles.

Fearless and tough is what Boorle Minick represents in the underground music universe that we have fortunately found ourselves in. Boorle is a hip-hop artist with quite some dynamism.

Born and raised in Dansoman, Boorle started music back in Ghanata Senior High School. The EL inspired act went on to write lots of songs for a mixtape we will later get into. With no available means to record the songs that he had written, Boorle had to wait.

Well, he didn’t have to wait for long as he met Mantse Chills a sound engineer through a friend. He finally found the missing jigsaw. Together with his sound engineer, he went on to record and release his first song – ‘Ghetto Boy’. Mantse Chills realised the talent he had just worked with and took a decision to add him to his Rap Slayers Music group.

Boorle Minick huffed some more. The man decided to lift more weight to prove his potential. In 2016, he dropped his cover mixtape titled Rise Above Hate (RAH). The playlist on RAH is quite extensive with 14 tracks featuring upcoming acts General Myke, Ga Boi, Screezy and Woody Biggy.

A review of RAH would be quite long to write but to summarise it all, RAH is good for an underground artist. For an underground artist to take a well known beat used by someone else and make it his is some achievement.

2017 looks promising for the young man. We hope and anticipate how he will take Ghana music to a whole new level should he stay headstrong.

In his own words “I’m not signed onto any record label yet but I have a team of young talented producers and musicians I work hand in hand with, they are my Rebel Squad”.


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