Jay Tee spits fire from the underground

There is one artist that is doing well and is gaining some good attention . He has been working with other others to win new fans thereby growing his fan base and also sharpening his musical edges. I should put his name out already; the suspense is probably killing you. Killing you with his style is what hip-hop artist Jay Tee plans to do with his new song ‘Stardom’.

“Stardom talks about my brand and the obstacles I met through my career as an artiste. I have a good sense of humour which keeps the listener entertained throughout the song” the artist said.

Jay Tee plans to unleash the sort of fire that can and only be put out by him. To stress my point very well, this is the type of music fire that only a musical pyromaniac enjoys.

This is what the artist Jay Tee is about. The artist started music at a young age and has never looked back since. He says the passion never stopped, well we say Jay Tee don’t stop whatever you are doing. Keep pushing one day your passion will do your typing.

Never miss any update on  Jay Tee’s music by following him on Facebook and Instagram as JayTee Gh and on Twitter as @ForeverJayTee.

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