Koby Ice keeps dropping ‘ice cold bars’

The words of an individual who is fully focused on a goal and that goal only is to be the best that is out there.

Koby Ice. Does the name ring a bell? The story of this rap artiste is one for the books. Almost looking like the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ kind of movie.

Koby has battled his way through the stormy tides of the underground seas and is gradually making his way into the mainstream Ghana music universe to not only compete with the top names, but to also be the best amongst all. To cut everything short, this is the stuff that dreams are made off.

Born Nyinah Kwabena, Koby probably got Ice from the cold lines he drops on each and every song that he scripts and performs.

Zooming into his educational CV, this artist really is taking school serious. What else did you expect from parents who raise their kids in the Western Region?

“After high school education, I got myself into teaching at a basic school to gather some money for my works”, he said.

Education matters in this artist’s scope of things to the extent that he hasn’t shunned his books like someone did but is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology Information Studies at the University of Ghana, Legon. That should tell you prospective music artist reading this something.

The next step was to do a body of work that people can listen to and judge his rap abilities for themselves. This he did. Arriving in 2012 was his first mix-tape titled “Green N Khaki”; don’t wonder too much about the title he was still in high school.

“I ran to the studio (New Version Ent. Studio/Fadasse Beatz) most at times after school and even sometimes had to ask permission”.

After high school, he teamed up with his school mate Salvation school to form Tukidz Music group. The savior in Salvation led them into starting Tukidz Phamily, a clothing line that went on to fund their recordings.

Koby is creating a future for himself through his music talent and quite importantly also by not losing sight on his educational goals. Music goes with brains.

“I have a couple of songs on the street now. Recently, I released a song titled ‘Face the Fact’ featuring CJ Biggerman so you all can check it out”

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