Abena Rockstar releases “M.A.F.I.A” EP

In this side of the globe the word M.A.F.I.A connotes many things apart from a tuxedo wearing Italian godfather.

Probably bearing that in mind Abena Rockstar titled her debut E.P. May All Fears Inside Abort (M.A.F.I.A).

She cunningly defined M.A.F.I.A in her own dextrous way; cunning way to get the ears curious. That being said, lets dive into Abena’s M.A.F.I.A .The rap artiste demonstrates some very good skills on her E.P.

The female rapper does quite some good job with most of the songs. You can’t miss her raw talent and energy on this E.P.

This is a unique trait that she exhibits on the 6 track E.P. that should bomb her on to make her a mainstay in the music sphere.

Abena can reach the higher heights she desires in quite a short time, it’s all about passion here.

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