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I’m joyous when my music positively impacts my listener – Niaa

With a desire to make music to help people as well as herself, new artist Niaa takes delight in knowing someone has been positively impacted after listening to her song.

Niaa is an outgoing new Afrobeats artist who resisdes in the U.K but of Ghanaian descent. Her passion for music started at a very young age and grew as she got older.

There were periods during her teenage years that she thought music wouldn’t be part of my life but as she said; “I found that no matter what I did or tried music always found its way back to me“.

My joy is when my music positively impacts my listener - Niaa

In explaining the kind of music she does, Niaa said she is trying out a new sound which consists of Afrobeats, R&B, and Soul.

The reason I have chosen to incorporate all 3 genres into my music is due to my musical influences in life, Beyonce (R&B and Soul), Whitney Houston (R&B and Soul), Tiwa Savage (Afrobeats and R&B), Teni (Afrobeats), Burna Boy (AfroFusion and Afrobeats) and Efya (Afrobeats), I have many more, however, we will be here all day if I continue to list them all“.

Her music
The passion to create music is ignited by different sources for all artists, for Niaa her source is the feeling of freedom she is able to give to her listeners.

When people listen to or hear her music she wants them to feel a sense of freedom and relief, from their challenges they experience on a regular basis.

I address those challenges and express how I have overcome them through my music, it gives me joy knowing someone has listened to one of my songs and it positively impacted their day“.

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Listing her humble beginnings, Niaa enthusiastically recalls how Instagram helped boost her confidence after she created an account and started to showcase her music.

Another moment she holds highly in her career is when she performed LIVE in front of an audience for the first time and the latest moment she cherishes was when solely planned and executed her song and music video for her first official single ‘Why’.

“The feeling after my most recent accomplishment was indescribable, after this I learnt that I was capable of much more than I thought, especially with right passion and drive”.

In Niaa’s own words “I’m going to leave it here with one mantra I created and abide by, I hope you can now gauge who Niaa really is I am the music I speak”.

The music video for Why will be released on 4th June 2021 on Niaa’s YouTube channel.

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