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Aimee is coming for the vocal spot!

Born Emelia Yeboah Boateng, Aimee is not a new artiste coming to struggle with the fame and glitz, so keep a calm face and get to know her more.

A multi-talented persona with a voice so versatile you could pass her for a perfect match on every genre, Aimee privately also loves to be called “Aimee Zillionaire”.

Aimee is coming for the vocal spot!

Aimee Zillionaire has been a lover of creative arts ever since she joined the church choir from a younger age till she realized her strengths in music at the age of 12.

Music has been an inspiration for me since childhood, and it began when I joined the church choirAimee

Growing up was not easy for Aimee as she credits her connection with music as one of the major ingredients for any success she has experienced in her life so far.

Music gave me the strength to overcome many obstacles including a painful ‘heartbreaking experience’ as a young woman searching for love“, Aimee said.

Apart from singing Gospel at church, Aimee has developed great interest in other genres of music like Dancehall, Afrobeats, Jazz, and many other emerging brands of music styles.

Due to her fond interest, Aimee hired a personal coach who’s taking her through vocal lessons and training.

Because of her enormous potential and talent, Aimee Zillionaire is already signed on an International record label known as “Simsosino Production” and has a collaboration with Epixode.

Aimee is coming for the vocal spot!

There are future plans for other collaborations too while nurturing her own grounds. She looks forward to working with other notable Musicians like Angelique Kidjo, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Koffee, Samini, among others as she works her way up the industry ladder.

She is now taking advantage of her new found knowledge from vocal training and grooming to record new music which is due to hit the music scene soon.

For Bookings and enquiries, please contact: SIMS ACOLATSE Head of “SIMSOSINO PRODUCTION Communication & Management Department

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