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Meet Patricia Baloge; an Afro-house DJ based in Brooklyn

Touched by music at a very young age, Patricia Baloge was brought up in a Ghanaian household which allowed her to be naturally surrounded by Highlife and Afrobeats.

The musically eclectic environment that France offers through its mixes of cultures also gave her the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of musical genres such as Dancehall, Rai, Variete Francaise, Dombolo, Pop, RnB, Electro and Hip Hop.

It is not before spending some time in New York as an adult that she finally discovered Afro-house and that completely changed her musical landscape.

Patricia Baloge debuts with ‘Desire’

Having started DJing recently in 2017, she has managed to grace the same event as Oscar P (DJ and founder of Open Bar Music) at the Second Edition of House Con Leche in New York City. 

Patricia uses Djing as a way of expressing the multiple cultural dimensions that reside inside of her through the blending of Western House and Afro sounds.

She has the feeling and conviction that it is a great way to start a cultural conversation on the dance floor. A conversation that allows us to embrace our differences through the love and power of music.

 As she firmly believes that “We’re here to put every possible expression of ourselves out in the world.” Patricia Baloge is on a mission to inspire others through her story and work.

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