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Araya Afrika defines her artistry in new single; Ogya

The latest signee of Swag City Entertainment Company, Araya Afrika, is a young songstress whose artistry bears exact resemblance to the meaning of her debut single, ‘Ogya’, which literally translates as ‘Fire’.

Produced by Apya, ‘Ogya’ is a song infused with our traditionally authentic African drums. The soul-awakening sounds from the drumlines is a complete chant, depicting the African culture.

Araya’s vocal abilities suspends on a wide range and pitch, allowing her to freely express herself in each line of this song through her gifted melodic compositions.

Her display of tactful musical phrasing, breathe control and self-awareness, is something to write home about on this record.

The single, ‘Ogya’, basically talks about Africa, the culture, the art, the people, the energy and the perception it has on a global narrative. It resonates with the African tradition, our faith, fears and beliefs.

Araya Afrika brings to play a new vibe, deviating from the popular genres, styles and sounds that Ghanaians are accustomed to and engaging the totality of the African rhythm and musical conversation, in her unique style of artistic delivery.

Prospects are high for this young budding talent upon being earmarked as a refreshing breeze over the music landscape of Ghana and Africa at large.

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