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Zepora Dickson will move you with her rhythmic songs

There is a new breed of Ghanaian music talents that are ready to explore their abilities beyond the default Ghanaian music genres. Amongst these new breeds include Zepora Dickson.

Zepora Dickson, easily identified by her afro house vibe, has been on the Ghanaian music scenes for some time as an upcoming artiste.

Her songs range from collaborations with Kuvie, DJ Kess and Worlasi, to covers of songs by other artistes. Zepora’s love for sound and experimenting with it adds that unique dynamism to her music.

The powerfully voiced artiste was a delight to listen to on ‘Euphoria’ off Kuvie’s ‘Gruvie EP’ as her ecstatic rhythm on the song was one that could not be easily forgotten.

If you couldn’t get enough of her then you are covered because Zepora has released a new single ‘Give Me Love’.

The single centers on Inspiration and the need to open up to goodwill as well as being more accepting of change.

A period of reflection on her part after a series of events culminated into her going in this direction musically for this particular project.

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