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Meet Francis Sampah

Francis Sampah is an only child born in Ghana, West Africa. Son of a film loving Father and a music craving Mother, Francis Sampah AKA “Sampahh” grew up enhancing his skills, creativity, and passion for art in Accra, Ghana.

After Sampah’s father Philip passed away, he decided to move to the United States to take responsibility for paying his college tuition. He could not bear watching his mother work at her minimum paying job, trying to pay his tuition for him in Ghana.

He decided to study Architecture and minor in Film. This way, he could satisfy his late father as designer and his mother as an actor. All the while, he would have time to develop his skills for music.

According to him, there is a song and or story in almost anything, you just have to open your soul to witness it.

So far, Sampah has written and produced songs for quite a number of artists, and production houses across United States.

He has also been honored several times locally in his musical contributions. In the 2014 Torchlight Awards, held in Minnesota, Sampahh walked home with three out of five nominations including, Best Male Artist, Best Producer and Best Music Video.

2015 Torchlight awards, Francis Sampah won Best Male. He shared the moment with everyone who supported him from the beginning.

Francis Sampah is currently pursuing his dreams of one day sharing his story with the rest of the world. An animated, curious, and old soul like himself cannot stay away from creating, no matter where he goes. Sampahh is a singer/ songwriter and producer. He is too humble to say it, but he really is “the whole package”.

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