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Sena Huks committed to making good music

Known in real life as Sena Hukpati, Sena Huks coined his stage name from his real name which was given to him from birth. Born on 29th June.

Sena Huks is a product of Presbyterian Boys’ Seconday School. He holds a BSc. Geology degree from the University of Ghana and currently has a Master’s in Petroleum Geoscience from IFP School, France.

Sena discovered his passion and talent for music at a very young age and his since been committed making the best out of it.

The young music dynamite, Sena Huks, draws his musical inspirations from God, ultimately and motivated by other acts like Usher, Akon, Ne-yo, and Bruno Mars to mention a few and is a fan of anything music.

Sena Huks released his debut LP, “LET IT GO” in 2014. The aim of the LP is to satisfy music lovers of the various genres; RnB, Hi-life, Hip-Life, Hip-Hop, Afro-RnB, Dancehall and Pop.

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