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Rebecca Atanga: The world’s first female Kologo player from Northern Ghana

1998 saw the release of her successful CD; Bayete. She's toured with top Netherland acts since then.

Here comes Ghana’s first female Kologo player, Rebecca Atanga, who has been at this since the 1990’s and has made a name for herself abroad with her talent!

We have been mesmerized and entertained by the Kologo instrument indigenous to Northern Ghana and the music created with it by names such as King Ayisoba & Afro Moses among others.

Rebecca Atanga was born in Ghana, a country with a proud musical heritage. As a child, she was an excellent musician and dancer, and she became a prominent member of a Ghanese dance troupe and soloist in her local church choir.

In 1992 Rebecca moved to the Netherlands. She started a female dance and music group and has won many fans from performances at festivals such as the famous Delft African Music Festival.
She has also been extremely well received at clubs throughout Europe and has appeared on tour alongside some of the Netherlands’ most popular artists.

As well as this, she works as a dance teacher at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Theatre School.

1998 saw the release of Rebecca’s successful CD, ‘Bayete’. A new album was to be released in 2005.

During the 2002 celebrations that marked 300 years of diplomatic relations between Ghana and the Netherlands, Rebecca performed at the Amstel Hall in Amsterdam, in a show in honour of the King of Ghana and his guests.

She was accompanied by young Ghanese artists who had participated in the World Children’s Festival in the Netherland.

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