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Solomon King (formerly Sollo7): From a love song crooner to a minister of the God of love

Why SOLLO7 became ‘Solomon King’

Born into a Christian home as a pastor’s child, Solomon King grew up a church rat. But as fate would have it, he made a brief detour that only took God’s divine intervention to bring him back to his purpose. His destiny. His original calling.

Over the years, Solomon King (previously Sollo7) had helped re-define the sound of modern Ghanaian music with several genre-bending covers and originals. After the release of his second album in April of 2020, Solomon King, opportunities started knocking at his door. He had found his sound. His place.

With his team in place he was ready to take his career to the next level with back-to-back releases of over 26 love songs he had self-produced and recorded. Everything was finally aligning for Solomon King, when he had an encounter one night in September of 2020.

This encounter has seen the artist make a 180-degree switch to doing just Gospel or strictly-Christian music with the release of popular Gospel cover song. Surprisingly many of his followers have seemed unsurprised by the switch, with some sending him shots of notes containing prophecies and dreams they had received from God for him.

According to him he can only describe the experience in as few words as possible for now. He talks about this in the short film-style video he released on the 19th of February, 2021.

He but promises to shed more light on the encounter he had in due time “when God gives [him] the green light and platform.”

When asked what the future holds for his music he says “I am learning to trust God for my very next breathe and my very next move. I can only do what he asks me to do. I depend on His leading. But one thing I know is I am very content, fulfilled and happy singing to my God and the people of God.”

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