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Reggie N Bollie flying the flag of Ghana high in UK

Pop/Afrobeats/Dancehall duo Reggie N’ Bollie moved to the U.K. from Ghana in 2010 after having successful solo careers in their homeland.

They rose to fame after their appearance on popular U.K. talent contest The X Factor in 2015.

The Ghanaian-born artists were 1st Runners Up and their instant popularity with viewers and audiences allowed them to launch a successful career in UK.

Among their fans was their X Factor mentor Cheryl, who continued to support them in the months after the show. Their energetic performances and infectious style convinced Simon Cowell to sign them to his Syco Music label, as he often did with any X Factor runners-up who displayed the right potential. Five months after their appearance on the reality show, Reggie N’ Bollie released their first single, “New Girl,” in the lead up to their debut album.

Their debut single was an instant summer hit charting at n.8 in the Scottish Charts and n.5 on UK ITunes Charts.
Their second single, “Link Up” sampled Peter Andre’ hit song “Mysterious Girl”.

Early this year Reggie N Bollie announced their departure from Syco Music and surprised their fans and the industry by announcing their newly established Independent label named F.R.O.D MUSIC Ltd.

All future releases and anticipated debut Album will be released under their newly established label.

​They’ve been tipped by many music pundits to be the ones to watch in the coming years and as their slogan goes, they are “Fearlessly Ruling Their Destinies”.

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