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I took inspiration from Lil Wayne – Medikal

Music, the artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tunes in a structured and continuous manner, is gradually becoming a lovable career in Ghana.

The phase of Ghanaian music has taken turns over the past few years. It has yet added another delight to our rich Ghanaian culture. As the love for music grows in the hearts of people, so has the music makers.

Samuel Adu Frimpong, a known Ghanaian hip/hop/hip life artist has changed the face of the Ghanaian music industry.

The 24 year old who goes by the stage name “Medikal” was born to Mrs. Porshia Lamptey and Mr. James Frimpong in Sowutuom; a suburb in Accra-Ghana. Growing up he fancied rapping about doctors, surgeons, nurses and patience-basically the hospital and what goes on in it.

Interestingly, he wanted to prove to his colleagues that he was a “sick” rapper; that was why all his raps are hospital based. The young rapper clarified that “Sick” in this sense did not mean ill, but rather a way to describe how good or”dope” his raps were. Since his flow was also medical, the name “Medikal” was given to him by his school dad way back in junior high.

He has released many tunes and yet to release more for his fans. Some of the tunes released includes “forever my love” ft Bisa Kadie “Per kakra” ft Criss Waddle, Confirm, Confirm remix featuring Sarkodie, Anthem, Sellout, Sales, Connect, By heart Boy, I’m Okay, Bra Krom featuring Luther, 1hunnid, Bo Mi Dinn Mami andTime No Dey.

The young artist says he derived his inspiration from Lil Wayne, Skepta (both of whom are international artists), Yaa Pono, Pae Dae, Sarkodie and Criss waddle.

Medikal was signed into the Arab Money Gang (AMG Record Label), owned by Criss Waddle of R2Bees fame in the year 2010.

Adding to the story he wants to motivate and inspire the youth to do what they love best with determination and faith as they play an integral role in success. Young Samuel However is not only looking forward to making it big in Ghana, but international too.

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