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    Joy FM ‘Night With The Stars’ in danger, top artists threaten to boycott

    by ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Tuesday, 09 November 2010 15:54| 0 Comments

    All is set for the annual event; Joy FM’s Night with the Stars musical concert. The show has been tagged as one of the nation’s biggest entertainment event, but if the information available to GhanaCelebrities.com is something to go by, then this year’s edition could be graced by musicians who are classified as group ‘B’ musicians.

    Talking of team B, the organizers, Joy FM, according to our sources were only ready to part away with a shocking 1,000 Ghana Cedis per a head as an appearance fee for the ‘A’ list musicians in Ghana instead of the normal 5,000 Ghana Cedis or 6,000 Ghana Cedis that they have been paying over the years.

    This amount will be paid to every musician that mounts the stage, be it high life, hip life, reggae or gospel artistes.

    So who are the artists under the ‘A’ list? Some artists like Richie, Eazzy, VIP, Sarkodie, Samini, Okyeame Kwame, Obour, Becca and 4X4. Tinny and Asem who are part of the ‘A’ list will not be available for the show since they are ambassadors of Glo telecom.

    Imagine groups like VIP and 4X4 being paid 1,000 Ghana Cedis, how much is each individual in the group luckily to get?. Also let’s say if Abrantie Amake Dede and Nana Boroo decide to mount the stage for this show, the legendary high lifer and hip life artist Nana Boroo are expected to be paid equally.

    The 1,000 Ghana Cedis has angered the managers of the various ‘A’ list artists; consequently they have decided to boycott the show. The annual show has now been relegated to the ‘B’ list artists which is made up of artist with no hits or experience in the music industry. So you can take a wild guess as to which artists will be mounting the stage.

    If MTN, the major sponsors of the show can bring down artists from outside Ghana and pay them over US$800,000, why can’t the local artists be paid what is due them or even half of that amount?

    A school of thoughts has it that Joy FM arrived at this decision because they wanted to use the artists who performed at the just ended Old Skuul Reunion. However, one thing is certain, most of the acts on that day were awful and people will not be willing to pay huge sum of money for such amateurish act.

    The managers who are boycotting the show collectively in solidarity have termed this year’s show as ‘A Night With 1000 Ghana Cedis Star’ and not ‘Night With The Stars’.

    Should both parties fail to agree, this year’s concert will be relegated to the least favourite musicians in Ghana. Don’t ask why if you don’t see your favourite artists there.

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