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    Jealousy splits Wutah

    by Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr., ghanacelebrities.com
    posted Wednesday, 02 June 2010 12:43| 1 Comments

    Every good thing has an end and all too soon the reign of Wutah has come to an end as greediness have divided the duo. Awards are given to people who are worthy to be awarded and not people who think they need to be rewarded. Watch Burnin' Desire by Wutah

    It seems Ghanaians have heard the very last from the group Wutah as their ‘Burning Desire’ to live the ‘Big Dream’ has been cut short. Very often, disagreement, money or women are blamed when a group splits but this time around, jealousy is believed to be the cause of their breakup.

    I have always believed in one of Williams Shakespeare’s quotes ‘there is no art to find the minds construction on the face’. This wise quote means a lot. You meet people, they smile with you but you can’t tell what they are actually thinking.

    You can’t really say what a person is thinking just by looking at their face.

    In every group, there is one who stands out as the leader or who really get the group going. Take the group ‘Akyeame’ and ‘Buk Bak’ for instance. After the breakup of those groups, it was clear Okyeame Kwame was the person who had the group running just as Bright Bling Bling Sparkles was to Buk Bak. Also mention Nananom and Sidney (now Barima) comes in mind. For Wutah, PV might get the nod.

    This is undisputable.It is not too clear why they are going solo but is there an element of jealousy out there? Per the explanation PV gave to Hitz FM, Risky is jealous that PV was awarded as the Best Male Vocal Performer at the just ended Ghana Music Awards.

    He said “There are issues that trigger other things like the Ghana Music Awards where I was given the Best Male Vocal performer award. It means one artiste within a group was picked and awarded. It means they singled out one; it had to be like that. There was no way two people could have been given that award so he (Risky) is also embarking on his project to probably bring out what is in him”.

    The Best Male Vocal Performance of the year went on to say that his partner has his solo project coming out but he is not too eager to release an album. Meanwhile, Risky or Wutah Kobby was quick to deny breaking up news. He said they agreed to work on solo albums respectively and that they are working on an album to be released next year.

    What informs the decision of a successful group like Wutah to go solo? Well for now Wutah is no more, what you will be hearing from now is either Wutah Kobby or Wutah PV.

    Wutah is a Hausa word which means fire. It has Daniel Morris (Risky) and Frank Osei (Papa Virus or PV) as members. They were discovered during the maiden edition of the Nescafe Africa Revelation music competition, where they place second to Praye.

    Before their breakup, they had two albums ‘Anamontuo’ in 2005 and ‘Burning Desire’ in 2009. They also had a song ‘Esikyire’ on Appietus Compilation in 2006. Their debut album, Anamontuo, was a major success which won them an unprecedented 11 Ghana music award nominations.

    Some of their popular songs include ‘Adonko’, ‘Big Dreams’, ‘Goosy Gander’, ‘Esikyire (Don’t Change Your Style), ‘Burning Desire’, ‘Kotosa’,  ‘Jah Will Be There’.


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