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    Herty Borngreat drops 3 on Peace FM

    by News-One
    posted Monday, 02 September 2013 07:26| 0 Comments

    Reigning Gospel Artiste of the Year Herty Bonrgreat aka ‘Herty Rapper’ seems to have found creative ways of marketing her songs in a style her contemporaries are yet to think of.

    In the afternoon of tomorrow Saturday August 31, Herty would be on Peace 104.3 FM’s Entertainment Review show, hosted by Akwasi Aboagye to release three brand new ‘never heard before’ singles.

    Once again, Herty had a ‘secular’ musician Akhan of Ruff N Smooth fame supporting her with the songs, just as she worked with Sardokie and Trigmatic on two of her hit tracks.

    Checks by NEWS-ONE revealed the tracks have just come out of the studio and have never been played on any radio station or heard by any other person except the persons who worked on it.

    The three singles, ‘Except Baba’, also known as ‘Nobody’, ‘Push’ also known as ‘Don’t stop now’ and ‘Hold-On’ also known as ‘Not Late’, are part of her upcoming album ‘Messiah’. She has already released ‘Stronger’ as a single track from the ‘Messiah’ album.

    Herty Borngreat told NEWS-ONE that the three tracks contain a message for her numerous fans and all lovers of gospel music.

    “Except Baba’ was inspired from Romans 8:31 which says that ‘What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?’ The song talks about how God has firmly rooted my feet for life and nobody can uproot my success…so you would hear me singing that no power, no juju can stop me because Holy Ghost dey for my back. They throw go left, right, east and west even punches but I dey dodge em,” Herty explained.

    She explained that ‘Push’ was “inspired by Ephesians 3:20 and talks about not giving up in whatever good thing we are pursuing”.

    The third song, ‘Hold On’ was inspired by Psalm 139:14.

    Herty did all the leading and backing vocals while several sound engineers including Kaywa, Posigee, Master Mix Gazy and Bentil did the instrumentals.

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