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    Nacee features Guru on new single ‘Boys boys’

    by citifmonline.com
    posted Thursday, 20 April 2017 13:40| 0 Comments

    Versatile Ghanaian artiste and music producer, Nacee, will be releasing a new single which features hiplife artiste Guru, next week.

    The new Communications Head of the Nacee Brand, Mr. Arnold Asamoah – Baidoo told citifmonline.com that the song is titled ‘Boys Boys.’

    “It will be the first single taken off his upcoming album, ‘Counsellor 2,’ – a follow-up to his award-winning album, ‘Counsellor 1,’” he noted.

    The Gospel Song of the Year winner at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards will not be the first ‘gospel-oriented’ artiste to have done collaboration with a secular artiste.

    In the past, gospel artistes like Lady Prempeh, Herty Borngreat had featured Asem and Sarkodie respectively on their songs.

    In the meantime, Nacee, whose ‘Counselor 1’ album consisted of some secular songs, is reported to have said that he does not want to be labeled as gospel artiste but rather as a versatile musician who can drift to any style at anytime to communicate to his audience.

    The ‘Me Ne Woa’ singer also said recently that there was nothing wrong for a gospel musician to sing about sex and love.


    It’s all about education… we’ve been in so many churches talking about it. That it is not wrong [to sing about love] … what if I wrote a book about sex, would you accept that one? Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has a book about sex and I think Pastor Otabil has books about sex and love and stuffs like that so what about that one is it because that one is written so it’s okay for you to accept that one?” he said in an interview with Joy FM’s Lexis Bill.

    Already, people are wondering what the content of the yet-to-be-released song is about; sex, love or God?

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