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    Jay Q gives lessons on ‘Ghana Music Awards’ & ‘Ghanaian music’

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 08 March 2010 10:09| 0 Comments

    Jay Q’ comprehensive knowledge and unique perspective of the Ghanaian music industry is unparalleled and that’s how come he came up with the definition for ‘Ghanaian music’ and what Ghana Music Awards should be about.

    Jeff Quaye aka Jay Q labels Ghana Music Awards as awarding Ghanaian musicians making Ghanaian music . As such what too is Ghanaian music? Highlife, Jama, Adowa, boboobo, etc are all considered Ghanaian music.

    If anyone in Ghana hears Jamaica Music Awards, of course without any explanation we know it is awards aimed at awarding musicians in Jamaica being reggae, dancehall, etc”, he continued.

    Jay Q shoots straight that gospel and hiplife music is the only two Ghanaian genres that is sustaining the industry but quickly lashes at hiplife music because its total deviated.  “No wonder they are making all the sales in Ghana, contemporary highlife and highlife too are doing same, he said.

    “Gospel musicians still showcase the rich culture of Ghana music in their songs especially with the praises, congas, trumpets , guitars, bands and more and this is what defines our music as Ghanaians.

    If you are a musician who is feeling lost or over-whelmed and you want to move your career forward then read as Ghana Music.com continues the interview with Jay Q.

    “Can anyone point to any hip life song on our radio now and confidently say this is Ghanaian? If a foreigner comes to our awards ceremony then we have a big question to answer”, he lashed out.

    You think Nigerians won’t laugh at us for sounding like them, if the industry should continue like this, then trust me we can’t look at our country and say this is our music, he  commented.

    Jay Q’s final words were that he is calling on our stake holders to rescue our industry. Ghana Music Awards should be awarding Ghanaian musicians for making Ghanaian music.

    Jay Q is a producer/beat maker /writer who has worked with several successful Ghanaian artistes including Buk Bak, Ofori Amponsah, George Jahraa, VIP, Josh Laryea, 2 Face, Dr. Poh, Daddy Lumba and more. He also has his own new jazz compilation titled “Memories Of Jay Q” not doing quite bad on the music market.

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