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    Pluzz 89.9 FM presenters are back: Fiifi Sellah and Dr Poundz to raise the bar

    by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper
    posted Monday, 23 September 2013 20:17| 3 Comments

    All eyes are on these two guys Emmanuel Fiifi Botwe aka Scooby Sellah and Maximous Addae Mensah aka Dr Poundz to bring back the lost glory at Pluzz 89.9 FM located inside Santa Maria soon.

    This is because they were given a space in the hearts of radio lovers but they could not maintain the fans and went out of the radio scene.

    Therefore when news came that the guys have started running the airwaves again, Flex newspaper pushed a quick check through the studios of Pluzz 89.9 fm and lo and behold, the two Fante cronies  were spotted in suits holding discussions as to how to take the station to the next level.

    If they really want to meet the current competition in the system, then they would have to do a lot because things have changed as compared to when they entered the airwaves.

    At the moment Fiifi Sellah has started his Reggae Embassy radio show which runs from Monday to Friday between the hours of 1-3pm right after his boss Blakk Rasta`s own Taxi Driver show and he has been doing his best to pull all reggae music lovers to his Santa Maria based radio station. What seems to be working for him is his trick to pay attention to Reggae music made in Ghana which is lacking attention in the already suffering music genre in the country.

    In a segment he calls Gh. Reggae Road block, he introduces new reggae songs in the system and briefs listeners about the artistes who produced the songs.

    So far, Iwan leads the pack of artistes who are enjoying attention in that segment and the various reggae camps are also enjoying some hype and attention from Fiifi Sellah aka the Selenxy Fya.

    He is also doubling as a Patois teacher where he explains some Patois phrases to his listeners on his  reggae music platform. Only time will tell how Fiifi will be able to run deep in the hearts of radio lovers in Accra and its environs. Meanwhile, Fiifi also brings reggae music to his followers on Saturday mornings on the programme he calls Zion Express between 6-9am.

    On the part of Dr Poundz, he will still be holding things down on the Drive Time programme as he has started but running things silently without talking. Yes, he is a smart dude because it is obvious he is testing the scene with only his jingles waiting for the feedback before he opens the mic.

    Any way, the guys are promising more interesting and competitive programmes in the weeks ahead of us so let`s see how they role out such programmes.

    Flex newspaper will be nosing in and around their programmes and we will bring readers up to speed as and when we get such necessary information for the public, but for now the station is still promoting music made in Ghana with less “talk” on air. Tune in and enjoy good music from their talented selectors and DJ`s including one Richard and Ben.

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