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    Bisa Kdei puts up professional stage craft at "Adonka Aseda Bash"

    by Nii Atakora Mensah
    posted Tuesday, 18 April 2017 12:02| 0 Comments

    The much awaited Adonka Aseda bash, which had Bisa Kdei, Shatta Wale and Ofori Amponsah headline has come to a successful end.

    Yesterday at the Baba Yara sports stadium in Kumasi, the Adonka Aseda bash witnessed series of entertainers including Agya Koo, Jupitar, Bisa Kdei, Ofori Amponsah, Shatta Wale etc. entertain the patrons to the fullest.

    As a media person who went to the event ground for news, what went surprising within the night was when Bisa Kdei had to start his performance from Live band, but end with a DJ play.

    Apparently, Bisa Kdei had rehearsed with his band before traveling with them for the event, but sources tell us the band was unable to do a sound check with the artiste because they were told by one of the organizers, "there's no thing like a sound check" when they drove to the venue. This is very new to me because a major show like this should have each and every artiste headlining, if for nothing, at least, check the sound system on stage first.

    The source went on to tell us, after reporting the incident to Bisa Kdei's management, the artiste for some reasons had to tell the band not to worry but should report back to the stadium when its his time to perform. When it was time for Bisa Kdei to perform, i can tell from my technical experience in the industry that, something wasnt right with the Live Band setting.

    The crowd who were over hyper needed to get turned up that night and the live band setting wasnt favoring them in that "adonko moment" so they started requesting from Bisa Kdei some of his hot bangers.

    The management of Bisa Kdei later on made a quick switch from Live Band to DJ play, and turned up the place with songs like, Azonto Fiesta, Azonto Ghost, Life, Mansa, Brother Brother, etc.

    My question is, who would ever thought of making such a switch to entertain fans? From what i know, most musicians who start with Live band, no matter the difficulties they face on stage try to end with it but for Bisa Kdei, he acted so professional and as a good entertainer to please both the young and old.

    Thats such an amazing stage craft from Bisa Kdei.

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