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    Dark Suburb unveil debut album with concert at Alliance Francais

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 20 February 2017 13:32| 0 Comments

    Dark Suburb announced their much-anticipated debut album at Alliance Francais in Accra on February 17.

    Exhibiting  commendable hunger and spirit, the band, in the company of sought-after colleagues as Adomaa, Poetra Asantewaa, Haywaya, Robin Huws among others, rendered truly memorable live performances to the droves of eager fans who had gathered under the night sky to see them strum and roar.

    Explaining the message behind the album title (The Start Looks Like The End) in a press conference days earlier, lead vocalist of the group narrated to media personnel how many people (including religious leaders) had predicted their “end” right at the beginning of their career.

    But since bursting onto the music scenes in Ghana, they have received nominations for several laurels including the VGMAs, 4 Syte MVAs, and AFRICA awards, and the band believe that this is just the “beginning”. Their performance last night lends credence to why they have earned the above honours and more.

    Masked by skeleton skulls during their sets and public appearances, they look to highlight the point of their shared humanity and to remind the world that we are one people regardless of sex, race or social status.

    Other advertised performers on the night  include No Wrappa & Fii, Kankam, Kacey & Dune, DJ Isaac Cool & KO-JO CUE, and proceeds from album sales go directly to creating awareness for social integration of the physically challenged in society.

    The album launch is under the sponsorship of First Digital Media & Alliance Francaise with partners - Studio Reel, Alliance Francaise, Frozen Second, TIC Ghana & Muse Africa.

    Did you miss this? Please take a moment and check it out now!

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