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    DSP Kofi Sarpong goes Borborbor

    by News One
    posted Thursday, 03 November 2011 13:23| 0 Comments

    DSP Kofi Sarpong, the police officer turned award-winning gospel musician, has finalized his second album and this time it has traditional ‘borborbor’ rhythms from the Volta Region.

    The talented gospel singer burst into the music industry in late 2009 and in 2010, he grabbed the Gospel Song of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards. He was also nominated for the categories of Gospel Artiste of the Year and Discovery of the Year. He recently returned to Ghana after a six-week tour of America and Norway.

    He told NEWS-ONE on arrival that he was overwhelmed by the extent to which the Ghanaian community in America had mastered his songs and could sing the tracks back to back.

    Kofi Sarpong said he first went to Norway and from there he flew to America where he performed at Maryland, Virginia and Massachusetts.

    “The Ghanaian community in Norway was not that huge but they were really many in America and they really embraced the song and I was shocked they knew the words and could sing along.

    It is unfortunate that I could not honor all the invitations and there were many places I could not go to perform,” Kofi Sarpong told NEWS-ONE. NEWS-ONE has gathered that Kofi Sarpong will soon release an English version of ‘Ayeyi Ndwom’ from the current album.

    Presently, the inspirational singer’s CDs have hit the streets and are selling like hot cake in Accra and other regional capitals. He was born into a family of Presbyterians and joined the Police Service 13 years ago. He is married to Mrs. Salomey Sarpong and they have two lovely kids.

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