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    Confusion rocks at the camp of Nyansafour

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Wednesday, 01 September 2010 17:06| 0 Comments

    The group called Nyansafour is a now household name in Ghana music industry.

    But in recent time, there is a violence between the two divas amongst the group which has created uncertainty in the camp of Nyansafuor.

    At the moment there is pressure between the group and their management over accusations made by Gifty Frimpong (backup singer). Information gathered indicates that the group is made of three, Wendy Mabel Amaki Johnson, Gifty Frimpong and Kofi Asomani, who have been together for a long time.

    In an interview with Gifty, she has spotted Wendy and Kofi Asomani( the only male amongst them) on several occasions without her and rumor has it that the two are in a relationship.

    According to Gifty Frimpong, she had made her mind not to play with the group anymore. Asked why; she indicated she feels rejected when the two decide to see each other.

    She stressed that she, Gifty Frimpong doesn’t have any personal grudge with them but she thinks when there is intimacy between the two things will go wrong in the camp. “I want to expose their unacceptable behavior” said Gifty. It’s also alleged that the so called lovers have been signing contract on behave of the group without informing anyone. When Kofi Asomani (leader of the group) was contacted he denied ever dating his colleague and said it is unfortunate Gifty is making such allegations which have nothing to substantiate.

    He also denied signing any contract because he has no problem with their manager for him to take his job. The issue is now with their producer, Nii Noi Morton.

    Meanwhile according to their manager, Samuel Yaw Appiah Tenadu the group is currently in the studio adding finish touches to their upcoming album. The album when done will be launched at the Silverbird life style stores.

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