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    Alabaster Box shines

    by George Clifford Owusu, Daily Guide
    posted Sunday, 07 September 2008 16:57| 2 Comments
    Photo: Ghana Music.comThe award-winning Alabaster Box is an all-male gospel a-cappella music quartet based in Ghana, conceived, founded and led by Samuel Narku Dowuona, a journalist and musician, in 1995. Other members of the group are Gideon Allotey - bass, Horst Ayub - falseto and Michael Allotey - tenor.

    The group was formed out of a passion to unearth and make use of purely natural talents to the fullest to make complete music in praise to God, other than the engagement of artificial music instruments.

    This passion is based on the Biblical scripture which says “God has anointed praise in the MOUTHS of babes and sucklings to stop the enemy”.

    “As per our motto - Making positive impact through uniqueness - the vision really is to challenge the African youth, Christian and non-Christian, to see in themselves a God-given potential by which they could make positive impact on their generation if only they could let go of themselves on the altar for God.
    “Just as the Biblical alabaster box was broken and the fragrance filled the entire atmosphere, we believe we have been broken for Jesus and mandated to help others come to the point of brokenness for God, humility and love towards men.”

    Alabaster Box specializes in a-cappella music, but precisely a unique kind of a-cappella which combines purely mouth-made sounds of African indigenous instruments with African harmonies and melodies to make sweet music. The group has coined the name “AFROPPELLA” for its kind of music, meaning “a-cappella made in Africa”.

    The box, as the group is affectionately called, has over the past 13 years endeared itself to both local and international audiences with its captivating music, which usually sends many an audience wondering if the group uses instruments.

    Performance Profile:

    -       Representatives of Africa at the Commonwealth Day Multi-Faith Observance, in front of Her Majesty the Queen of England – March 10, 2003 – Westminster Abbey, London
    -        Representatives of West Africa at the Commonwealth People’s Festival, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – October 2001
    -        Alabaster Box Live at the Forum – Bath, UK, March 5, 2005
    -        Afroppella Night with Alabaster Box live, Gordonstoun School, Scotland, UK – April 26, 2005 and 2006
    -        Commonwealth Lecture – Commonwealth Institute, London – July 2002
    -        International Gathering of Champions (IGOC) at KICC, Hackney, London – August/Sept, 2003, 2005 and 2007
    -         Integrity Conference 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007, Trinity Baptist Church, London
    -        Pentecost Conference 2002 – Gloryhouse  – London –  2002 and 2003
    -        Ghana Professional Awards Night, London – August 2, 2003
    -        Afroppella Night With Alabaster Box (exclusive) – Willesden Green Baptist Church – April 19, 2003
    -        Good Friday Night Concert With Alabaster Box (Exclusive), Praise Chapel, London – April 18, 2003
    -        Afroppella Night Concert with Alabaster Box (exclusive), New Life Assemblies of God Church, Kilburn London – July 20, 2003
    -        Afroppella Night Concert with Alabaster Box (exclusive): In aid of the rehabilitation of drug addicts in Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom.
    -        NBC Youth Camps 2005 – USA (Oregon, Spangle, Montana, Spokane)
    -        Afroppella Night Concert – River of Life, Seattle , USA – August 7, 2005
    -        Afroppella Night Concert – Church by The Side of The Road, Seattle, USA, June 2005
    -        Afroppella Concert, Mount Calvary Int., Seattle, USA
    -        Alabaster Box/Alvin Slaughter Concert – ICGC Virginia – Aug. 5, 2006
    -        Alabaster Box/Daniel Winans Concert – Alexandria, Virginia – Oct. 29, 2006
    -        Afroppella Night Concert, Cookville Tennessee, USA – June 25, 2006
    -        Performance at the Smithsonian Museum of African Arts, Washington DC, USA - June 2005 & Aug. 31, 2006
    -        Four states tour of USA to Redeemed Church of God branches in Baltimore, DC, Minnesota and Chicago - May 2008


    1.   First Afroppella Night Charity Concert in Ghana by Alabaster Box – National Theatre – November 16, 2003
    2.   Afroppella Night with Alabaster Box – British Council Hall, Ghana – February 18, 2005
    3.   Ghana Music Awards – October 2003
    4.   Ghana Gospel Music Awards – March 2004
    5.   National Gospel Music Concert in celebration of the 9th, 10th & 11th anniversaries of Constitutional rule in Ghana – January 2002, 2003 & 2004
    6.   First Homecoming Summit in Ghana – July 2001
    7.   Emancipation Day 1999, Ghana
    8.   Steve Wonder Benefit Concert in Ghana – April 2004
    9.   Kirk Franklin Gospel Music Fiesta – October 1-3, 2004
    10. Destiny Summit 2002 & 2003, ICGC, Christ Temple, Ghana
    11. Greater Works Conference, ICGC, Christ Temple - 2007
    12. Convention of Saints 2000, 2001, 2002, Royalhouse Chapel, Ghana
    13.  Fire Conference 2001, 2002, Charismatic Evangelistic Ministries, Ghana
    14.  Richard Roberts Crusade and Pastors’ Conference in Ghana – 1999
    15.  Stadium Disaster Charity Concert, Trade Fair Site, Ghana
    16.  First Kingdom Praise Gospel Music Concert, National Theatre, Ghana – August 2004
    17.  Gospel Music Fiesta, Conference Centre - January 2, 2004
    18.  Launch of GTP Timeless line of textile prints – October 2003
    19.  Launch of GTP Waxstyle cloth design competition - October 2004
    20.  Maiden Industrial Pinnacle Awards Night in Ghana – November 2004
    21.  Explosion of Joy, Joyful Way Inc – National Theatre – December 26, 2000 and 2007
    22.  Harvest Praise, Harvest Chapel International, National Theatre – 2002
    23.  Kiddafest 1998, 1999
    24.  Eagles Camp, 2004 – National Theatre & Eagles Camp, 2001 – Christ the King Hall – FFLI
    25.  Infinity Ball – Valentine’s Day Ball for Christian Couples – Coconut Groove Regency
    26.  Healing Concert with Donnie McClurkin 2007;

    Awards and Nominations:
    1.   Best Acappella Group of the Year (2000 – 2002), Ghana Gospel Music Awards
    2.   Best Acappella Group of the 1990s to 2000s, MTN Ceval Gospel Music Awards - 2008
    3.   Nomination – Sleeve design of the year (2000 – 2002), “From welcome to goodbye” – Ghana Gospel Music Awards
    4.   Nominations – Male vocal performance of the year, small group of the year and gospel song of the year – Ghana Music Awards 2003 – “From welcome to goodbye”

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