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    Nacee breaks album sales fear

    by Flex Newspaper
    posted Monday, 29 August 2016 14:46| 0 Comments

    So many things seem to be happening around multiple talented personality Nana Kwaku Osei aka Nacee and he feels his fans should know about them.

    He communicated his change of name from Nacy to Nacee this year and interestingly, the change was very smooth and has been accepted easily by the people. Nacee has prepared an album which can be described as a two-faced album for music lovers in and outside Ghana.

    The album has been described two-faced because one side of the album called part 1 is a gospel song and the other part (part 2) being a love songs collection.

    The album has been given the name The Councilor 1 & 2 because according to Nacee, God has put on his heart to advise people through music and he has followed the divine directions he had from his creator.

    Ever since the album was released from the beginning of this year, some singles have been put out and music lovers are head over heels about how good the songs are to say the least.

    With the desired plan to release the album one after the other, Nacee and his popular distributor Cebex music production have released the album some three weeks back and when Flex newspaper checked on them on how the album is doing on the market, they had this to tell fans.

    “I realized I was not doing active promotion like I use to do so when we had the plan the release the album, I decided to move out of Accra to engage music lovers in other regions through interviews and promotions and I must say that it has paid very well. Now there is demand of the album from all angles and I can say that it`s out of the promotion we did in the rest of the regions. With the Councilor 1 album out already, Nacee and his handlers are hopeful to release the second part of the album soon” Nacee told Flex newspaper in an interview.

    In a separate interview with the distributor of the album Cebex Productions led by Mr Charles Sarpong, he also told Flex newspaper in phone interview that it`s true album sales have dropped a little drastically, but if you do your things right, you are sure going to make some good sales. The album has been out on the market for the past three weeks and we are recording good sales as it stands. The demands are not bad and I believe if it continues like that, we will tell a different story about album sales despite the fact that we are in an election year.

    The secret is about good songs and productions and one is sure to make good sales. That is exactly what we are experiencing with Nacee`s latest album” Cebex also told Flex newspaper.

    For gospel music lovers who thought Nacee was not going to do anything gospel after rumours went out that he is doing a highlife album, you can put your fears down because the Councilor 1 album is really making waves with songs like “Ye wo nyame a ye woadze featuring Ernest Opoku, Elavanyo, Ibi God, Fire Burn you and more exciting as well as spirt filled songs.

    Some gospel stars who were featured on the album includes Minister OJ, Kingzkid, Ernest Opoku, Lord Bondzie, Ceccy Twum and production was done at his state of the art Tonehall Studio in Mataheko.


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