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    The music side of Irene

    by Nii Atakora Mensah, Ghana Music.com
    posted Sunday, 20 February 2011 15:19| 0 Comments

    Though there’s a certain glamour that comes with a career that has produced hit songs. Her honest lyrics and raw, raspy style and soul-stirring songs, have earned her rare longevity in the Ghanaian music business. Irene Logan lays it perfectly on the line when she sings. She’s the same way when she converses in our 1 on 1 interview this week.

    Fame hit Irene fast and hard after winning the maiden edition of Stars of the Future. She toppled it up with a hit single titled 'Runaway' featuring Asem and another single titled, 'Kabila'.

    In an interview with her, the singer discussed the other side of Irene musically. Read on.

    Ghana Music.com: You have had an amazing journey over the years, working with Charter House on your duet album with Efya and also with the Lynx Entertainment crew. How did you get your start?
    Irene: I got my start at the maiden edition of SOF (Stars of the Future) produced by Charter House, after that I worked with Charter House for two years and during that time everything was a learning process for me. I’m basically building my career from all the great experiences we had (Efya and I) moving to Lynx was also another experience on its own. We were a bunch of young people that loved music and were determined to make it.

    Ghana Music.com: As a young singer, how are you able to navigate the treacherous world of music?
    Irene: I have a strong team that I work with so there's a strong support system for me.

    Ghana Music.com: Would you say that you further honed your craft while at Lynx Entertainment, in terms of having an ear for what the public was looking for in music?
    Irene: Yes I will. Life is a learning process. You influence and get influenced being with Lynx.

    Ghana Music.com: If you have to choose between live band and a CD which one would you choose?
    Irene: Live band.

    Ghana Music.com: Are you signed to any major label yet or are you still doing it independently after you left Lynx Entertainment?
    Irene: I'm not officially signed yet so until then I’m independent, but I still do have a team and they are incredible.

    Ghana Music.com: Who are your favorite African Pop musicians and why?
    Irene: Fela Kuti and Lagbaja, they are legends who have been able to take the African rhythms and make it their own. One day I want to be mentioned with the likes of them.

    Ghana Music.com: Is it important for you to let people fall in love with your voice because you do have a pretty voice?
    Irene: I want people to fall in love with my voice and my music.

    Ghana Music.com: At Ghana Music.com we have a motto that reads “I Love Ghana Music,” why do you love Ghanaian music?
    Irene: Ghanaian music is authentic and from Africa by Africans that’s a signature right there.

    Ghana Music.com: What has been the most fulfilling moment of your career thus far?
    Irene: When I was made an activist for the UNHCR, it was great because I was finally able to give something back to society.

    Ghana Music.com: What is your favorite love song? Irene: 'I Will Always Love U by Whitney Houston. Ghana Music.com: Do you have a sexy love in your life?
    Irene: Yup I do and he’s the best. Ghana Music.com: You seem to have a wonderful sense of fashion, who are some of your favorite designers? Irene: Rene Q, KNAF Coutour, Christie Brown, Salimi Akill and Kofi Ansah.

    Ghana Music.com: Out of all the songs you have written, which one has the funniest story attached to it?
    Irene: 'In Love With The Devil', it’s about a guy who thinks playing his girl is fun till he gets caught up in his own lies. The song was written by ASEM, originally produced by lynx and remixed by Zapp Mallet.


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