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    Has Kojo Antwi soiled his image with GHAMRO?

    by Flex Newspaper
    posted Tuesday, 21 March 2017 15:20| 0 Comments

    The Kojo Antwi we knew was that respected musician who could not be discussed or talked about any how by just any person.

    One could only mention his name with quality attachment and respect with regards to activities in the music industry and song releases.

    One day we woke to the news that the Music Man was looking for a position as the chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization aka Ghamro and we believe that out of respect and integrity, the people gave him the nod.

    After some few years of being the chairman of the organization, is the brand Kojo Antwi still what we knew him to be? Big question!!!

Are people still associating him with that quality and respect he was enjoying some decades ago? These are questions industry people are asking after confusion erupted from the last Ghamro meeting.

    Unfortunately, media people now mention Kojo Antwi and instead of linking him to good music, they rather do that on allegations of fraud and bribery activities.

    Can we blame Kojo Antwi entirely for the misfortunes of Ghamro and should we soil his image and brand because he has headed the association for the past years?

    The adage that a fish starts rotten from the head is what is affecting Kojo Antwi in this whole Ghamro saga because despite the fact that he was not responsible for the day to day running of the association, he was the over all head so could always come in with the support of the constitution to make things work.

    Now what he has to do after leaving the position is to do damage control to his brand else his followers would still have doubts about him.

    Especially when there has been another information that the radio station he acquired has also been sold to a different organization.

    In wrapping up this week`s editorial, one would ask when all settle one day, will Kojo Antwi regret ever ascending this position as the chairman of Ghamro?


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