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    Jay Ghartey

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Thursday, 01 April 2010 21:38| 0 Comments


    Jay Ghartey is headed for the top of the music world with his smooth and original mix of genres that reflects his Ghanaian American heritage. He blends urban Pop/Hip-hop/Highlife/R&B  creating a distinct sound that draws fans from all continents.

    Jay moved from the U.S. to Ghana at the age of nine and during the years in Accra, developed his musical talents following in the footsteps of his grandmother, a famous Ghanaian singer.  He began performing live on stage as a rapper at the age of ten.

    Jay founded the group “Chief G and Tribe” which included current stars Kwaku T.,  Abeeku,  and Jay’s brothers, Tufu and Moses. They performed on some of the biggest stages in Accra, establishing themselves as one of the first rap groups in the country. He later settled in New York where he honed his skills as a vocalist. Jay writes, arranges and produces most of his own music in partnership with his brother Joseph.

    Jay Ghartey’s first three songs catapulted him into the limelight:  the video for “My Lady” is already at the top of the charts on Channel O; the song “Me Do Wo features Okyeame Kwame (2009 Ghanaian Artist of the Year); and “Black Star” is an unabashed club anthem supporting the Black Stars team. His full album, containing fourteen songs, and entitled “Shining Gold” is scheduled for release in April of this year.

    Jay Ghartey ‘s diverse background and travels have influenced his music, and he credits artists such as Bob Marley, Sade, Dr Dre, Alpha Blondy, Prince and LL Cool J with inspiring him to take the musical path. He finds it extremely important that musicians return to the sacred responsibility of being creative and truthful, as it is musicians who influence the values and style of the generations.

    Jay is concerned that in a globalized society much culture could be lost and insists on maintaining his Ghanaian musical roots and fusing it with the Hip Hop and R&B sound that is so popular throughout the entire world.

    He feels that with all of the exceptional music and talent coming out of Ghana, Ghanaian music should have a greater place in the U.S. market. Jay Ghartey’s music will play an important role in making this a reality!


    My Lady, (GH Brothers), 2010

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