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    Cwesi Oteng

    by Ghana Music.com
    posted Monday, 11 July 2011 10:07| 0 Comments


    Cwesi Oteng’s music reflects his passion, soul and drive- creative blend of cross-cultural African and western rhythms, contemporary elements and dynamic vocals laced with powerful though-provoking messages revealing the rare anointing on him. His focus on the youth goes way back to his teenage formative years where his experience deem that stage to be very pivotal in one’s life and task on this earth.

    However, it is the idea to do away with boundaries relating to race, culture, geographic associations and music genres together with the passion to serve the body of Christ and impact positively the world at large that urges Cwesi not to limit his gift.

    Blessed with a distinctive voice and the prolific gift to churn out inspiring songs with a creative aura in a poignant way, Cwesi is one of the most creative gospel music sensations today making a statement for Africa’s gospel.

    Born Kwesi Nhyira Oteng (but stage named Cwesi Oteng), Cwesi accepted Christ in his teens and was introduced to gospel music at church which he took up seriously and later found as his calling. After a serving in the Praise & Worship ministry of his local church for well over a decade, Cwesi got the opportunity to pour out his passion on his 15-track maiden album, ‘Blessed Are They’.

    The album blessed many with songs such as the title track ‘Blessed Are They’, ‘Look into Your Eyes’, ‘Daughter You Can’, among others but it was the soul inspiring ‘Okurayen’ that defined Cwesi as unique breed of music minister.

    This paved way for a structured direction with regards to the vision that God gave him to reconcile the world unto him; the mandate to be the voice of assurance for the lost, lonely, forgotten, rejected, poor, unsaved and saved through anointed music and social cause with focus mainly on the youth.

    Cwesi the formed his music team, the Flo Riva Incorporated (a group of young anointed music prodigies), and together they began a new road in ministry with the Mercy Project focus- a music and social project to propagate good tidings about God’s mercy.

    The song, ‘Mercy’ (But for Your Mercy), has propelled Cwesi Oteng to high heights with nominations in local and continental awards which recently earned him New Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Gospel Industry Awards and given huge anticipation for the Mercy Project.

    Cwesi and his Flo Riva Inc. crew breaks down all about God’s mercy in an amazing presentation that will bless and challenge patrons.


    Blessed Are They, (Flo Riva Inc), 2009

    Mercy Project, (Flo Riva Inc), 2011



    • 2011 Ghana Gospel Music Awards - New Artiste of the Year


    • 2011 Africa Gospel Music - Best Music Video
    • 2011 Africa Gospel Music Awards - Discovery of the Year

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